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Mickael Jackson

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Today I happy Oeyeaa he Haraf Friends charismatic king Michael This article is a gift

Per Aloaza occasion and I hope that this article Tqro and Tstmtau O God news bugs

Personal King of Pop

Very sensitive, and has a sense of concern and caring, glow. The change centers and money, modest, diastolic,

Karim, an important attraction and romance him, constant in his love and frank, liking all kinds of art, and sure of himself

Feelings that address and solve problems. Away from interest in arranging the most trivial things, has the power

Tremendous concentration and willpower give enormous concentration of power

The force will give force to be defeated once difficulties, does not like to change his views. Has a great ability

In working with children. Investment, education, art, theater, fluffy, earned Aabkhal helping his family or seek

Need him, loyal friend and rare presence, especially in the time which not care where a person only himself.

Strict and very keen and serious in achieving Freddie and you can not overtake or Tkhaddah.

Join slender man unconventional sense of his vision in all matters also is a tough character and optimistic, always trying to

Perfection in anything done for this much pressure on himself in the business, he has an amazing ability and endurance

Convert everything difficult to wow and can easily solve any problem, very stubborn, listen to the opinions of others,

A creative genius and a legend and very amusing, entertaining, quiet and racy, timid Jaddaaa, and Sammmmm, transparent and sweet

Muasher, feel comfortable and reassuring to his presence with you, ideally, Berkshire Hathaway, reflects his real personality for example when

Sings not be that man quiet is not it important I hope that I have contributed to the identification ours

Michael Jackson was suffering difficult circumstances before his death

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Internal correspondence showed recently disclosed that the contractor ceremony that he will come back by the King of Pop Michael Jackson to the art scene in 2009 expressed doubts about the health of the late singer and the extent of his willingness to return to sing.

He called Randy Philip, President, "AEG LIVE" one of those electronic message to refer Jackson immediately to a psychiatrist senior to assess his condition due to suffering severe obsessions and the whispers and panic and said in another message that "Jackson closed room on the same drunk and suffering from depression," emphasized Philip it will soothe the singer ahead of a press conference held on the fifth of March 2009 in anticipation of the fifty an art was scheduled to Jackson Hristiha in the British capital.

It is noteworthy that the message is part of hundreds of e-mails collected Lloyds Bank London company insured for concerts Jackson to cancel an insurance policy worth $ 17.5 million under the pretext that the company pledging to concerts presented statements misleading about the health and readiness of the singer for concerts and was the king of American pop died suddenly on June 25 in 2009 overdose of sedatives In November, a U.S. court ruled four years in prison against Conrad Murray, the personal physician to Michael Jackson after being convicted of manslaughter manslaughter.

Michael Jackson: not alive .. How die??

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It may seem to emphasize that contained the title, just manipulate words his business objectives primarily as long as shocking question certainties confirmed facts, or falls in the context of provocation religious convictions, because it gives immortality to humans, which is haraam or makrooh according all monotheistic religions that are considered yard body condition of humanity rights. But the goal of this contribution is to interact with how the media machine has been dealing with connectivity occurred the death of Michael Jackson since the incident to more than a month of time. Hardly a day devoid since June 25, 2009 to the present day, an article or news is traded in the global level, and the primary objective of creating something of confusion among the receiver until quite incredible that Michael Jackson had died. It is enough to evoke imaginary difference wanted machine communication - media blowing it and turn it into a real difference worry people, when I sought to differentiate between heart attack and stroke when talking about the causes of death.
The create the illusion of the mechanisms of functioning of media machine - communication tremendous control in the space of artistic production in the Western states and orientation, and that you want to now make Michael Jackson did not die, especially since it exceeds in the case of "King" status traditional of exploiting the legacy of the late and employed to furnish the world watching industry, to the status of not devoid of uniqueness and difficult to be repeated with Michael Jackson. Turning Michael of the components of the industry and an actor of Vaaliha key in theory at least, to a victim of "typical" for this alliance financial - cultural mastered decades industry star according to conditions and by methods and in accordance with its objectives that give this "star ground" by the phrase graceful Edgar Morin privileges immense material and pigmentation them merit raises feelings most people keen on neutrality feelings, but this machine powerful does not hesitate in return for looting stars land many aspects of their lives and dimensions to re-formed and melted in molds facilitate commercialization of these stars floor, and provides all the conditions to promote rapid "Item" even double profits this industry employers who have changed to a large extent from the pattern of operation of contemporary societies, and began rehearsing production and effort to Aawwadoh consumption and spectacle and entertainment.
The perspective of the situation and death of Michael Jackson that did not fall from this angle, the quest to create uncertainty about the conditions that surrounded them not seeking spontaneously, as it does not respond to considerations dictated functioning facts realistically, as much as at the core response to the mechanisms of system industry "stars ground ", and of creating a state of Ruminating endless media about the details of the life of" stars ", and also about their departure. Suffice it to recall here some examples expressive and that the disappearance of which the contribution of the "deceased" and heritage for the benefit of keeping the mystery alive and active on the circumstances of the death. The talk has not stopped since 1944 about the circumstances and Khvaya and circumstances of death singer Asmahan, and continue digging since 1962 to the present day in the reasons for the withdrawal of Marilyn Manro of life stage, while the circumstances of the departure of Soad Hosni year 2001 remained controversial and the subject of novels "mixed" to some extent Now, the tyranny of the controversy that feeds Bhrat deliberate ambiguity that leads to Tsnim personal artist so easily thrown in the paths of sale and promotion of art, which imposes respond to certain conditions imposed by the "Altsnim" in relation to the restructuring of personal realism, and the wealth life of particulars and details, and proof of contradictions to melt in the mold prior takes to get rid of the facts and hurling character "artist" in the default path swells it get away from reality and contradictions.
In level re personal realism, the Jackson provides the completed form to dismantle the true self and re Tvkalha to the extent that loses all contact with reality, and spared completely get away from life, I've thrown by Michael Jackson, a young in the world of spectacle, which prompted his father to hide Age true to his son and add two full years, and this add-on is what made the young child induces unconsciously traffic and transit condition for a watching world and stay there the construction of the course in Droppe Allowaarh play the role of mediator between Albat and receiver.
There is no doubt that psychological factors overlapping have made Michael Jackson reacts in his own way with the conditions imposed by the world watching "his stars", he went on a trip research is expensive and cumbersome and not devoid of surprise for a new identity, and this trip confirmed that he was seen for himself in the eyes of others, and was not only recognizes a dominant opinion. It was Michael Jackson seeks by all means to break with the past and to keep the details behind his back, recalling in this quest aspect of identity crisis black Americans that continue for four centuries, I have wanted Michael Jackson repudiation of the epidermis, and sought to acquire all the characteristics of beauty white, Vtafq change his face to some extent lost completely, after turning his face into something like a mask of gypsum, which kept him out completely for blacks who wanted to imitate him, but it turns out to them that it does not want to Ichbham did not become white skin because cosmetic surgery continuing cost him two key conditions place the human face and its role, the two features and attributes, and also the flow of signs of life from the signals and emotions and feelings, and this is what missed Michael Jackson because he was in the insider itself refusing to real life, seeking to avoid to the extent that they shut in his face down, and sentenced him not to die because he did not يعشها not engages in its own contradictions, it was Michael Jackson Navra from all forms of friction or the other things, and itself and its contradictions, turning years he was on the Earth's surface to the tireless quest to avoid all forms of convergence of life or face its contradictions, lasted Mtwajadda. فكرس effort and money to confront all forms of embodied by avoiding things, people and contact them until he was keen to "reproductive" without direct sexual contact. I swallowed masks and kept him out of the cycle of life, and made him an identity crisis deep suffered away from Rkh history, although the sons of his countrymen from the Americans wanted in the period in imitation of him, but it turns out he does not want to Ichbham, was losing double because he was born black skin but White did not die, but he was away from the mobility of society and its contradictions.
Difficult to imagine life object without this contradiction and how to deal with him, which was rejected by "Michael Jackson" which was not in the end only mask the amount of main concern to avoid life and stay on the edge, which means that it did not يعشها Since he did not live it certainly did not die . And human face is the dwelling existence, a tool contact with others and crossing differences itself, and stations of life only signals not refuse Altazoik and beauty as long as it does not lose the tag basic either melt face behind masks, it means short lack of life, which is what we achieved Michael Jackson since years, and this second reason of reasons to talk about his death because he was not alive until he dies.
There is no doubt that the survival of "Michael Jackson" alive will his machine American culture, which is keen not to be issued to last only a photo community Mughal in consideration for the same in the mirror, and in the illusion that he lives a state of "mirror completed by not marred by scratches not penetrate contradiction no doubt that coincided celebrate Michael Jackson with abuse of university professor Henry Gates, represents a very significant indication that the cultural, political machine that controls the American society Jackson will remain alive because an additional barrier to the evolution of the status of blacks.

T give you brief encyclopedia of the late Michael Jackson, I hope that all satisfaction attained

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Zaid Benjamin: In a time when preparing legend Michael Jackson to revive the 49 concert mythological return to the scene singing, who missed him, announced the death of singer Michael Jackson at the age of 50 years, came in a statement to the spokesman Institute of Forensic Medicine in Los Angeles CNN. said. television. The spokesman said this Lieutenant individual Corel confirming information to U.S. media, "Jackson was taken to hospital ... was unconscious when Upon arrival, His death was confirmed at 14.26 (21.26 GMT) in the afternoon," declined to Corel provide any explanation for the cause of death, saying an autopsy will be conducted to select them.

And was reported there were frequent in the United States for the transfer of singer Michael Jackson to the hospital because of tachycardia initially before making sure he entered in the absence of consciousness due to the lack of access of oxygen to his brain and then transferred to the Los Angeles Times news of his death he was fifty years of age. The site TM costume first talked about his transfer to the hospital in the afternoon of Thursday, according to U.S. time, before talking Los Angeles Times for his death. Did not give the singer's father, who Contact Moukg any! Online no details about the health status of Michael Jackson. The singer's father said of the site, "I am in Las Vegas, people called me from Los Angeles and they are with Michael and tell me he was taken to the hospital." He added that "his mother on the way to hospital

Michael Jackson was born in the twenty-ninth of August 1958, is the seventh son of the Jackson family, has appeared for the first time on the musical scene at the age did not exceed the eleventh member of the family singing group (Jackson Five). Born in Dinah Gary Indiana to a middle class family, his father, Joseph Walter and his mother the Catherine Esthyr, who gave birth nine children among them Michael, they are Ruby, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Latoya, Marlon, Randy and Janet. Suffered greatly from the control of his father and governed by, which was said to have an impact on his behavior with the accused to assault the children, where traps and father in training band, and abused him with insults and insults during that period in the event of his failure and tells one of his brothers that his father carrying Michael in times of times one of his legs and started going like a rope, as was usually hits his male children and pushes them strongly towards the walls.

And tells one of his brothers that his father infiltration in times of times of one youth room Michael Jackson wearing a mask scary and entered the room flagrant, to know Michael and his brothers not to leave windows open in their sleep, according to Re parent, and for several years following suffered Michael nightmares because of the movement and his father.

The only time in which they occur Michael Jackson, according to Wikipedia about his childhood was with Oprah Winfrey in 1993, where he was crying because his unit and in some times was regret for possessing and father like Joseph has cried in an interview published in 2003 cried Michael when remember his childhood years.

But with all these nightmares, Michael Jackson's talent was clear from his early years, where he offers songs in front of his school colleagues, and especially during the Christmas period and age did not exceed five.

In 1964 the foundations of the elder brother Jackie song group included a number of his brothers before joining Michael Jackson's parents to the team and called (Jackson Brothers) or the Jackson brothers were later Michael started singing at the (chorus) and dance to the beat of songs the team.

Eighth-old when Jermain brother decided to leave the singing of the team changed the name of the team to (Jackson Five) and began moving between the U.S. during the period from 1966 and 1968 and won several talent competitions at the level of the Central States.

In 1971 began his solo when he was still a member of the (Jackson Five) to obtain later title (King of Pop) thanks album successful (Off The Wall) in 1979, and (Thriller) in 1982, (Bad) in 1987 and (Dangerous) in 1991 and (History) in 1995 which achieved an overwhelming successes albums soon as they are released.

In the early eighties he became Jackson first African American up to the World thanks to the emergence of MTV music thanks to songs such as (Beat It) and (Billie Jean) and (Thriller) where described last song she changed the scene musical world through the subsequent decades and became the song of (promotional) (Music fame or manufactured fame), which made ​​the MTV reputation today.

In the emergence of the song, the back of what is known as PAL (video clip) in its true form to be added to the song instead of just be decorative, and divert people to talk about Michael and what they contain videos in addition to singing songs that were offered.

Not only did humanitarian Balagnaat, but added it set up its own charitable foundation supports about 39 independent charitable foundation and thanks Jackson is one of the few singers who entered the Hall of Fame twice.

Michael Jackson

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What is the area of ​​media coverage that must be obtained by the news of the death of pop singer Michael Jackson and implicitly his biography and details of his funeral?

American media and Western on primarily this question resolved choices for the benefit of Jackson without abolishing the area of ​​controversy about the limits of this coverage and nature, but the same question asked problematic actual in the Arab media, which weighed upon predetermined positions of the issues that were not familiar to deal with such a degree of prominence .

Editing departments discussed news satellite channels and Arabic newspapers in the internal meetings daily issue Jackson and the extent to which should be affixed to Michael Jackson biography of attention, treatment and up to the moment of peak formed by his funeral and was told that more than two billion people around the world had seen ..

Has not gone unnoticed perhaps even Arab news emerged in the channels and the decline in the other, but some of this notification lived confusion about happened jackson فقلل of the importance of the news of death returned reactions highlighted in the days that followed to reach the peak of coverage to the day of the funeral. All this happened amid problematic 'moral' primarily to predetermined positions of these personal considerations fixed repeated on different occasions about the need to issue news crises and security and political unrest in our bus.

Not offering an invitation to overlook the important and obvious in our issues, but in the desire not to denial Angmabat and passion for what is beyond the security of political news today, especially when the Muslim contrary positions prior printed our speeches are still social and cultural rights.

There is no doubt that Jackson's experience worthy of contemplation.

It is a black American bear talent since childhood and lived crises harsh form of the father may start and spread to the problem of color that surrounded pop singer Faqaovernm operations and what sparked the onslaught of drugs and buzz around and down to the children molestation charges and ending with his death mysterious. Biography coincided with historic success in music and pop did not progress one before but they are accompanied by private missteps and crises seemed to have claimed one of the most famous artistic personalities in the world.

It scavenges factors U.S. and Western media and play on Dramatha.

Frequency experienced newsrooms in the Arab media source that the discrepancy between what we assume this valuable media and the power of the news of death and widespread image of the funeral. Michael Jackson can not be judged by a single value and the source of its appeal. Do they not deserve facts exposed autopsy be transferred to the future for as long as Michael Jackson was one of the icons? Again supposed to ask the Arab media, or at least some of the same for more than Michael Jackson on the judging moral agreement right across the Reflecting sales figures achieved by the platters after his death? Not look behind and backward toward the triumph of Michael Jackson on our prejudices, even after his death?

Michael Jackson: The controversial after death

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And while hair Jews "enemies of all beautiful," that Michael is about to convert to Islam, and is one of the richest of the rich, they started weaving propaganda new that Michael Jackson "loves boys" with a view to tarnish his image in advance, and Astzaf money enormous through mazes and issues and trials and is what really check them, Jews have stolen all the money Michael Jackson and stole even his luxury home in Las Vegas ....

The Jews - the enemies of this religion and enemies of Moses and Jesus and Zakariya and Yahya - behind all propaganda, and they invented the story of the "Osama bin Laden" and "Ayman al-Zawahiri" - they send pictures of cartoon moving on the screen and say, "a statement from the leader of terrorism" , the picture is Jewish and the statement Jew and terrorism Jew, They are making a lie "Holocaust" - claimed that the (Hitler) Abad six million of them يبتزوا so Germany and the countries of Europe, and they are behind the lie "to blow up the tower World Trade" and "events bombings" in the world are Mudbrōha, and are behind each incident kill a human or destroy crops and cattle, Mavelstin, Iraq and Afghanistan us so long ago, but the world believe the symbols of the Jews ....

Beauty of Islam families of all beautiful nature and among them celebrities and intellectuals, singers and athletes, and citizens of Michael Jackson Khmed Ali Clay (legendary boxer) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (the most famous player in basketball) and Malcolm X by them thinker of Islam ....

In 2002 I and my friend Amar see through (approval) - No chance, Valsdfah and caught a physical expression atheistic - interview with Michael Jackson (translated into English) from MBC, taking Michael - and a beautiful English language and poetic - explains the story of his life He denied all the colors of propaganda and rumors raised by the media ...... was polite expressions, and his thin, and their meanings far back in human kindness and civility .., language reveal a beautiful human being and reveal Bmknon precious .., then realized the authors Ammar - who cried - that Michael will inevitably delivers, because a human being this beauty can not is a beautiful religion and a beautiful approach ....

And even famous Riqsth (innovative movements not mastered a) art and his life was full of goodwill, and musical albums and most selling months ... and he does not find comfort, chasing paparazzi everywhere, and thousands line up an honor to meet him and embrace him, and How beautiful it was and is cast this crowd then embraced by the most beautiful expressions of humanity that does not improve a celebrity made only Michael Jackson, his style and his movements and expressions, is a registered trademark of Michael Jackson only .....

And of the wonders of the stories that he was once in Berlin, Germany in hotel hidden from the eyes of photographers and fans, and that they learned the news even defended hundreds next to the hotel, they Votal Michael out of the window Hristiém beautiful expression and محتضنا was small girl, Media propaganda that came out Michael Jackson had intended to throw his child out of the window .....

Inhabit Michael a beautiful spirit and a purely humanitarian was innocent innocence of children and beauty Abehrh, and loves to climb trees, and was fascinated by paintings painters, bought hundreds of thousands of dollars.

...... What do the Jews want from Michael Jackson and Malcolm X, and Louis Farah Khan and Martin Luther King and please Garaudy and Cat Stevens, well-built, and Ahmed Yassin and Yusuf al-Qaradawi ....?

To talk a long story with beauty and with the enemies of beauty and this beautiful religion ....

Yemeni poet and scholar in English literature